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The purposes of the Society for the Study of Curriculum History are to encourage scholarly study of curriculum history and to provide an opportunity for the presentation and discussion of research inquiries into curriculum history. The Society was founded in April of 1977 at Teacher's College, Columbia University.

Founding Members

Arthur N. Applebee, Arno A. Bellack, Hollis L. Caswell, Lawrence A. Cremin, William Cutler, O. L. Davis, Jr., Arthur W. Foshay, J. Stephen Hazlett, Hazel Hertzberg, Willard J. Jacobsen, Philip W. Jackson, Gerald Jorgenson, Paul R. Klohr, James B. Macdonald, George L. Mehaffy, Alice Miel, Murry R. Nelson, Paul J. Ortenzio, A. Harry Passow, Gerald A. Ponder, William H. Schubert, Mary Louise Seguel, Steven Selden, Edmund C. Short, H. Wells Singleton, Douglas Sloan, Kate Strickland, Daniel Tanner, Laurel N. Tanner, Ralph W. Tyler, Wayne J. Urban, George H. Willis, and Arthur G. Wirth.